What is Rolf Movement?

Every one of us has patterns. Some are conscious and others are unconscious. These patterns produce how we move and how we are. Movement patterns are as unique as fingerprints. They stem from our individual history, experience, perception as well as the meaning we give to our environment and ourselves. Rolf Movement™ practitioners will work with you to address movement patterns through perception and coordination.

While all of our move25808095920_b0a9eb68f5_b.jpgment patterns are unique, many of us are unaware of how we really move. We may have bits and pieces but certainly not the whole picture. Or we may simply not have the means to make meaningful and lasting changes. No matter what exercise you try or biomechanical technique you employ, until you address the underlying movement pattern, there won’t be last change.Until you address the pattern that got you into pain in the first place, you will continue to find yourself in pain.

Rolf Movement™ provides the necessary tools to bring you to a higher awareness of your movement patterns. You will work with the Rolf Movement practitioner to find new options and new possibilities for your body. We work together to find a more economical way of using your body allowing your body to function in a way that both supports and sustains the changes.

Rolf Movement™ sessions will be completely unique and tailored to the individual. We will work together to being awareness to and address the functional patterns of breathing, working, sitting, walking, playing, biking and so much more. You may be shocked to realize the amazing impact that these movements have on your everyday reality.

This work addresses both the body and the nervous system. Many people think of how to save time, gas, and money, but this work can help you save your own energetic expenditure.

When we have a well balanced structure our body can move in alignment with gravity -with fluidly and dynamically. Our bodies are designed to experience support from the ground and as well lift from above. With this principle in mine, when we move, our bodies should open and lengthen.

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