Articles on Rolfing

Here’s some basic info to satisfy your curiosity.

Basic information about Rolfing Structural Integration

Many people often find Rolfing as a last resort before they go for a surgery.

Here is an article about how working with a Certified Rolfer can help you avoid surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.

A Rolfing perspective on Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Rolfers turned scientist- Scientists turned Rolfers. This article features Peter Huijing and Robert Schleip. Thanks to these two and many more-  Rolfers now work differently to achieve better, longer lasting results.

Cell Biology and how our work with fascia has evolved.

A great look at how different modalities will work on the same issue. This article illustrates the differences between how a Chiropractor, an acupuncturist and a Rolfer would address a pinches nerve.

A comparative look at treating a pinched nerve

This next article is near and dear to my heart. It talks about the importance of spirals and how Rolfing can help children in their development.

The importance of spirals in a child’s development


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