Kim K. 5 Star Google Review

Rolfing has brought an awareness to my body that I never knew I was missing. Through the 10 sessions I’ve learnt to make connections between both present and past activities I’ve done, feelings I have and how that affects the way I hold my body and in turn how that affects my quality of life. With readujustments, guidance and intructions from Paige I am now able to correct my own long ago formed habits and carry myself in an ergonomically sound way which allows me to further enjoy my life in all areas from work to play and everything inbetween! I highly recommend rolfing for anyone with a body, it is a unique form of self care and a profound personal journey. Some of my personal experiences include imbeccable posture, improved self confidence and best of all proper restful sleep, which I haven’t had in years!! Thank you Paige for guding me to a deeper understanding of how the human body works as well as giving me the confidence to respect my own body and helping it to work as smooth as possible 🙂