Famous People Love Rolfing!


  • Michelle Kwan, 2002 U.S. Olympic figure skater, 98 Olympic Silver Medallist

    Michelle Kwan, Olympic Figure Skater
  • Elvis Stojko, 2002 Canadian Olympic figure skater, 98 Olympic Silver Medallist says, “Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition.”
  • Sean Casey, 2006 World Series Detroit Tigers All Star Baseball Player says Rolfing helped him resolve an injury and would not have been able to play in the 2006 World Series without the help of his Rolfer.
  • Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys all time NFL leading rusher.
  • Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers coach says, “I’m the kind of person that likes to physically challenge myself. I think Rolfing is a valuable resource for keeping myself together.”
  • The Phoenix Suns basketball team has several players work regularly with a Rolfer.
  • Danny Ainge, who has received Rolfing for years.
  • Mark West and A.C. Green, also have been Rolfed.
  • Mario Lemieux, hockey legend

    Mario Lemieux, Hockey Legend
  • Charles Barkley, former basketball star
  • Qadry Ismail, Super bowl Baltimore Ravens football star
  • Chris Carter, Minnesota Viking football star receiver
  • Tom Seaver, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher
  • Craig Swan, former N.Y. Mets pitcher, and Certified Rolfer, whose career ended from a sports injury. “Bodywork can extend athletic careers,” says Swan. “I truly believe if I had received Rolfing in the early part of my career, I would still be pitching today.”
  • Brian Orser, Olympic Silver Medallist and World Champion figure skater
  • Bret Saberhagen, former Kansas City Royals Pitcher
  • Lance Deal, 1996 and 2000 Sydney Olympic silver medalist for Track and Field- Rolfing was a tremendous boost to his sport.
  • Erin Aldrich, 2000 U.S. Olympic Track and Field high jumper- Her Olympic support team includes Rolfing.
  • Wendy Wagner, 2002 U.S. Olympic Nordic Ski team
  • Iginia Boccalandro, 2002 and ’98 Venezuelan Olympic luge team and Certified Rolfer
  • Ben Hindle, 2002 Canadian Olympic bobsleigh team
  • John Bauer, 2002, ’98 & ’92 U.S. Olympic Nordic Ski team, 8x National Champion
  • Sarah Will, five times U.S. Paralympic Gold Medal Skier, credits her gold medal to Rolfing. She says, “Rolfing increased my performance time 100%.”
  • Isabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler, 2x Canadian Olympic bronze medal pairs figure skaters
  • Sharon Sander , ranked #2 on the U.S. Pentathlon team
  • Erin Aldrich, 2000 U.S .Olympic high jumper and 2x All-American
  • Joe Greene, 1996 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal winner of the long jump, now training to win the Olympic gold medal, says “Rolfing has made a huge difference.”
  • Kristen Ulmer, former World Champion Extreme skier
  • John Egan, world renowned Extreme skier
  • Mickey Egan, Rumanian Olympic Skier
  • Grant Ernhardt, a U.S. Biathlon team member, 2002 Olympian


  • Leon Fleisher, virtuoso concert pianist
  • Sean Young, who has starred in the movies “Bladerunner”, “No Way Out”, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “Wall Street”, “Fatal Instinct”, “Once Upon a Crime”, and a few dozen others receives Rolfing”®” from Certified Rolfer Bob Brill.
  • Georgia O’Keefe, artist
  • Steve Turre, jazz trombonist
  • Willie Nelson, songwriter: “My wife recommended (Rolfing) highly”, says Willie Nelson, “…The first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain),” reported the New York
    Courtney Love- Singer/Songwriter

    Times, on Feb. 23, 1995.

  • Dr. Roland Tarrel, Neurologist, refers surgical patients to Rolfing
  • Levar Burton, actor Star Trek
  • Sam Keen, best-selling writer and former Psychology Today editor and co-producer of award winning PBS documentary “Faces Of The Enemy”.
  • Courtney Love, actress/singer

    Maria Benitez- Flamenco Dancer
  • Denis Leary, actor/comedian
  • Diane Ladd, actress
  • Fritz Perl, psychotherapist
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastontonio, Broadway/movie actress
  • Maria Benitez, Flamenco Dancer

Health Professionals

Larry Dossey, M.D., best-selling author: “There is one major reason to take Rolfing® seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people’s bodies, it can transform their lives as well.

Levar Burton, actor Star Trek

Jim Mongomery, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, often refers his clients to Rolfing. “People with shoulder problems, with scar tissue resulting from injury or surgery, chronic hamstring problems, low back and cervical spine problems. People that have had chronic problems that have not been helped by anything else. All those people can be helped with Rolfing.”

Karlis Ullis, MD, (team physician for 1992 summer Olympics), Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group in Santa Monica, CA: “Athletes always need help with chronic injuries, muscular strains and overuse. The Olympic athletes wouldn’t have as many injuries if they had appropriate soft tissue therapy. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition and injury.”

Certified Advanced Rolfer and MD, Dr. Bret Nye, speaks about alternative/complementary medicine, a cost effective, alternative to surgery and drugs – “Demand for the services of health practitioners like Rolfers is growing as evidenced by the Nov. 98 JAMA estimate of $21.2 billion being spent for alternative medicine in 97. Integrative health care, is a new trend, that combines Western and complementary medicines to offer the best technological advances in health care.

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