I had never heard of rolfing until I saw someone recommending Paige on Facebook. Therapeutic massage, physio and medication did not help my crippling joint pain. Paige’s rolfing was immediately effective for the area treated at each session. Her firm but gentle muscle manipulation was not painful. She educated me during treatment. The treatment is lasting and I have not required further sessions. I’m so glad I have my life back!

Lily Miller 5 Star Google Review

Before being rolfed by Paige, I wasn’t in touch with my body, or my movements. As an athletic adventure enthusiast I appreciate all the work she has done on me and can recognize the positive effects it has had on my abilities and performance. Not only have I noticed, but others have pointed out to me that I’m faster, more flexible, my movements are more fluid and my posture is impressive. Anyone can benefit from the ten series, for me Paige Dayvis, created a safe space and guided me through my personal and physical development that took place over the ten sessions. I feel like I’ve level up-ed in life, thanks Paige!

Kristyn Berquist 5 Star Google Review

Rolfing with Paige has been awesome! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mobility, flexibility and a decrease in daily pain. The process has been simple and organized, I appreciate how Paige reviews previous appointments and walks you through the upcoming steps and work we will do together. I think it’s important for others to experience this sort of therapy if they find themselves struggling with chronic pain even after visiting chiropractors and physiotherapists. The integration of Rolfing into my life has lead me to find much more ease and comfort in my body from daily activities to heavy workouts.

Vanessa H 5 Star Google Review

Paige provides a level of excellence that is hard to find. Her sessions have helped me feel more comfortable in my body and keep me balanced when I practice yoga, bike, or do massage therapy. Thanks a lot Paige!

Sam Milliken 5 Star Google Review

Rolfing has brought an awareness to my body that I never knew I was missing. Through the 10 sessions I’ve learnt to make connections between both present and past activities I’ve done, feelings I have and how that affects the way I hold my body and in turn how that affects my quality of life. With readujustments, guidance and intructions from Paige I am now able to correct my own long ago formed habits and carry myself in an ergonomically sound way which allows me to further enjoy my life in all areas from work to play and everything inbetween! I highly recommend rolfing for anyone with a body, it is a unique form of self care and a profound personal journey. Some of my personal experiences include imbeccable posture, improved self confidence and best of all proper restful sleep, which I haven’t had in years!! Thank you Paige for guding me to a deeper understanding of how the human body works as well as giving me the confidence to respect my own body and helping it to work as smooth as possible 🙂

Kim K. 5 Star Google Review

My wife and I went to see Paige based on information we had researched about Rolfing. I had heard it was painful and was a bit uncertain. But that was not the case at all. My main objective was to  get relief for my sore shoulders. Not only did I get that relief almost instantly, subsequent sessions proved just as helpful. I highly recommend Rolfing and in particular Paige.
Ray Power

“Paige has a talent. She read my body like a book and worked out all the bad habits and traumas I accumulated over my life. I move with grace and heightened perception of my every move. Ninja’s must have been Rolfed.”



“Paige really listens to you and your body. She works with you! Thanks Paige for your great work!”


5 Star Review from Paige The Rolfer Facebook Page


“During our sessions Paige would often joke that Rolfing could be better called ‘How to own a body 101’ I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for helping me better understand how to live in my body. You got me out of pain that I had just accepted as my reality.”



“I didn’t realize going in how much Rolfing would change my life. I interact with my body completely differently than I used to. I’m so much more aware of my movement.”