Working within the Tensegrity Model

What is Tensegrity? “Tensegrity” derives from collapsing the words “tension” and “integrity” and means that the integrity of these class of structures depends on the balance of tension within it. All structures in the universe are supported by a balance between tension and compression, between “push” and “pull”. The chair sits on the floor, the… Continue reading Working within the Tensegrity Model


Rolfing and Athletic Performance

Find our how Rolfing SI can enhance your athletic performance.


Famous People Love Rolfing!

Athletes Michelle Kwan, 2002 U.S. Olympic figure skater, 98 Olympic Silver Medallist Elvis Stojko, 2002 Canadian Olympic figure skater, 98 Olympic Silver Medallist says, “Rolfing helped me to find my center of balance for competition.” Sean Casey, 2006 World Series Detroit Tigers All Star Baseball Player says Rolfing helped him resolve an injury and would… Continue reading Famous People Love Rolfing!


Cell Biology Meets Rolfing

Cell-Biology-Meets-Rolfing Featured in the November 2007 Science Magazine. Written by David Grimm

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Rolfing Revealed

Rolfing Revealed Intensive bodywork technique grounded in gravity is gaining popularity. February 03, 2010|By Lauren Viera | Tribune Newspapers   The effects of Rolfing didn't really sink in until the day after my second session. It was late afternoon, and I was walking between lunch errands. I'd been walking for about five minutes at a… Continue reading Rolfing Revealed